The Day We Landed in Iceland

If we’ve learned anything about traveling, it’s to expect the unexpected and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Eventually, shit goes sideways.  That’s why it didn’t really shock me when the TSA agent in Detroit said that the body X-ray found something unusual hidden in the general region of my crotch.  I was even able to laugh as they vigorously patted down and grabbed me. They’d eventually go on to tell me that something in my pants had tested positive for explosive residue.  Thankfully, a retest cleared me and they were able to send me on my way; such is the traveling way.

The planning we did and didn’t do played heavily into the general success of our first day in Iceland here.  Our original plans were to hit the Blue Lagoon hot spring immediately after landing, to give us something to do before our hotel room could be checked into.  We changed that plan a bunch of times and put it off until the point where only evening reservations were still available.  In practice, our indecision was rewarded with a blue lagoon sunset and dinner that we wouldn’t have otherwise been a part of.

The Blue Lagoon gets a bad rap for two main reasons:  the cement pool is man made and it’s super popular.  Both of these things are true.  If private hot springs are your thing, there are many natural options with fewer people.  For us, two introverts, the Blue Lagoon was still a good time.  There is enough space to get away from everyone else and the smooth cement bottom makes it easy to float around and explore.  It was super crowded though, and I did accidentally hold the hand of am elderly Japanese man under the water while Brianna and I were waiting in line for a beer.  It’s all good, accidental hand holding happens. All three of us has a good laugh.

What is there to say about Reykjavík so far?  

-It’s is a modern city, not medieval. Don’t come here expecting a Paris or London like experience.

-The locals are the nicest RBFs you’ll ever meet.  Almost all Icelanders have resting bitch face syndrome, but will bend over backwards to help when help is needed. 

-There are miles and miles of jaggedly unforgiving volcanic rocks.  (Incoming game of thrones reference) one part of the island looks like Dragonstone, while another part of the island is literally where north of the wall scenes were filmed.

We’re going to try and climb a mountain tomorrow if the weather holds up.

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