The Evening We Arrived in Germany

The flight into Frankfurt was pretty smooth until it came time to pick up baggage claim.  Apparently, major airports have separate rooms for baggage claims, and once you go into a wrong room… there is not an easy way for getting back to the right room.  We were able to bounce from Korean airlines to the information desk, where they” kind lady pointed us to the correct door.  Once at the correct door, we picked up a solitary black phone and explained our situation.  We were told to walk back into the secure area and pick up our bags.  The process seemed pretty lackluster on the security side, but we got our bags and went along our way.

Rachel picked us up and we were finally able to meet the newest addition to their family, Arabella! It has been an evening of resupply for the soul.  Spending time with some of the ones we love the most makes Germany feel very much like home.

The best part about tomorrow is that Rachel and Bob have made all the plans.  Brianna and I don’t have to worry about where we’re going or what we’re doing. That being said, I think the plan is to visit a castle, drink German beer, and eat German food. WIN.

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